Supported Independent Living


SIL or Supported Independent Living is an NDIS support where people live together and help each other live as independently as possible. One receives support with everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking and personal care.

Some Cool Tips You Should Know

Where Are SIL Supports Provided?

The SIL supports are provided to a participant in their home, regardless of property ownership, and can be in a shared or individual arrangement.

What Is SIL?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) helps with and/or supervision of daily tasks enabling an individual to live as independently as possible. The assistance you receive is from paid support workers.

What Supports Are Found In An Independent Living House

Daily tasks such as -Personal care:

  • Cooking
  • Going to appointments
  • Taking medications
  • Catching public transport

What Levels Of Support Does SIL Provide?

Lower needs – not usually 24/7. Includes supervision of living arrangements. Standard needs – 24/7 support. Includes assistance and supervision of most daily tasks, and Support Worker overnight sleepovers. Higher needs – 24/7 active support, including overnight.

How Do I Know That I Have SIL

The Assistance provided is usually included as part of your plan.This depends on the level of support you require to live independently in the housing option of your choice.

Who Is Eligible For SIL

All NDIS participants may be eligible for SIL funding, whether they rent privately, own their own home, live with others, or live in Specialist Disability Accommodation.

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Our SIL vacancies are in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide

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